received_1477588578933834Uniforms have traditionally symbolized heroism and power—both of which turn us Misfits on.  Bask in the masculinity of the uniformed world. Whether your fetish runs along the lines of law enforcement, firefighter or military (or any other uniform — we love a man in scrubs), come join us for an Officers Luncheon at the historic Magnolia Ballroom (715 Franklin, Houston, Texas 77002), catered by Jim Benton of Houston. In addition, Paulo Batista, our keynote speaker, will be on hand to discuss his transition from female to male, competitive bodybuilding, and his journey within the leather community.

Uniform attire preferred, but not required. The Officers Luncheon is free to all GLUE run pass holders. If you have not purchased a run pass but still want to attend the Officers Luncheon, tickets will be available at $35 each.