Dr. Ralph Bruneau (Head Judge, MTCL) is a kink- and sex-affirmative mental health professional, as well as holder of the title International Mister Leather 2017. He has been working with patients on lifting restraints to full expression (sexual and otherwise) as well as writing, lecturing and teaching. In his work with the #BornPerfect campaign, Dr. Bruneau has been very active in the banning of Conversion Therapy- the lie that says that gender expression and sexual orientation can and should be cured. Texas is among the states that continue to allow therapists to practice Conversion Therapy, and during his keynote address during our Officers Club Luncheon, Dr. Bruneau will be discuss the things we might do to protect our LGBT youth as well as other more invisible influences that we all might identify as restraints to uninhibited sexual and kinky play.

Dirk Caber is a composer, pianist, tubist, and singer working in music editing and research, and who also dabbles in acting, modeling, and voiceover work. Having filmed his first scene for Titan’s ROUGH line in 2010, he’s since filmed about a hundred and fifty scenes with roughly twenty studios worldwide. He loves architecture, literature, languages, nearly anything mechanical, and of course music of all sorts. Reared in Maine, educated in Boston and Baltimore, Dirk then lived as a professional musician for 13 years in New York City. While living in NYC he started exploring BDSM, and quickly became highly active in GMSMA and other leather and SM organizations. After a few years in Chicago, he moved back to Boston in 2013 to live with his now-fiancé, fellow porn star and TitanMen exclusive Jesse Jackman. He writes about music, love, sex, BDSM, his porn experience and real life, and how they all interact on his blog (http://www.DirkCaber.com).

David “Tigger” Bailey is proud to have served our leather and kink communities as International Mister Leather 2016. He also has the honor of being the first IML from New Jersey where he served as Mr. New Jersey Leather 2016. Tigger took a step outside the box as IML and made a conscious decision to actively share the spotlight with his Sir and boys, to demonstrate how chosen family, unity and unconditional love can create a strength that can withstand time and scrutiny – how no one of us is an island. It was a message that invited countless conversations that took us back to our roots as sexual pioneers. And there were hugs, lots of hugs. Today, Tigger continues to relentlessly challenge us all to accept and support the authenticity of every individual in our community without judgment, shame or exclusion. The question is not what privilege we have, but how we use it through action and behavior to build a net that provides security and safety for us all.

Dan Ronneberg was American Leatherman 2015 and Mr. DC Eagle 2015. He competed in IML 37 where he placed 6th. Dan is a pilot and works for the federal government, where he serves as the National President for his agency’s LGBT Employee Association. He lives just outside Washington, DC and his kinky, polyamorous leather family includes David “Tigger” Bailey, IML 2016 and Mr. New Jersey Leather 2016, Todd Leavitt, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016, and Todd’s husband, Randy Gooch, Wagner, the grumpy bulldog, and Fred, the feisty chihuahua. Dan has used his title years to tackle HIV stigma and promote PrEP education as part of a personal risk reduction plan. He was one of the most visible American Leathermen in years, attending 53 events across the United States and making several international trips. Dan continues to be active in the leather community, judging contests, presenting and speaking at a variety of events, producing the Mr. DC Eagle contest, and serving as an officer for DC Leather Pride.

Rylee Janus Spire is constantly seeking out ways to learn, grow, and experience the world in new ways. Although Rylee discovered play and personal kink in early 2005 in Chicago, IL, it took moving to deep in the heart of Texas in 2008 for him to discover the beauty of the leather community and find a place to call home. Rylee currently holds the titles of Mr. Dallas Eagle 2017 and Mr. Texas Leather 2017. He held the title of IPTC International Pup 2013. He spends his time working as a staff bootblack at the Dallas Eagle, serving as the Transgender Awareness Chair for DFW Team Friendly, traveling the country to represent his Texas Leather titles by teaching, blacking, playing, and sharing stories with other leather folk, expanding and sharing his leather library, working out, and serving his Sir and pack.