Barber Pete

Special Guest: Barber Pete


We are proud to announce Barber Pete will be returning to GLUE and will be doing his sensual haircuts and beard trims!

SPACES ARE LIMITED! To sign up, follow this link!

Some rules and guidelines (yes, we have to have them)

1. Due to limited spaces, you MUST have a GLUE run pass. You MUST enter the confirmation number in the spreadsheet

2. When signed up, SAVE the spreadsheet. We recommend you then take a photo to document you have signed up as this is a publicly available spreadsheet.

3. Anyone who removes someone's name who has already singed up and/or places their name over someone else's will NOT be allowed to sign-up at all

4. If additional time becomes available, it will be on a first come/first serve basis with those WHO HAVE PURCHASED A RUN PASS taking first priority

5. If additional time does become available and you DO NOT have a run pass, any particular package will be $10 more above advertised rates.